Damaged Concrete Slab: Repair or Replace?

Concrete slab repair is an inevitable circumstance when you have a sidewalk, patio, deck or other structure that makes use of concrete slabs. They may come a time when concrete slab repair is not practical and, as such, you will have to replace the concrete slab. The following article will share with you some information on when you should begin concrete slab repair or when you should replace it.

Uneven Slabs

When you look at the concrete slabs you will notice that it is not level or even with other slabs. This can be caused by severe cracks in the concrete or by settling of the ground. If the concrete slabs are broken then concrete slab repair is not possible. You would want to use a shovel and dig out the ground under the slab until it is level. You can also remove the slab and work on the ground.

Surface Cracks

Small cracks or hairline fractures are mild and do not run through the entire concrete slab. This type of damage is perfect to begin concrete slab repair on by using a small patch kit.

Severe Breaks

Small chips can easily be repaired but large missing chunks will mean having to replace the concrete slab.