Dangers to Self-Installing a Water Heater

There are things that you can do as far as home repair that can save you money over the long run although there are certain installations and repairs that should be left up to the professionals such as installing a water heater. Water heaters may seem like they are an easy job to install; however, there are many parts on the heater that require special attention when working with them and will need to be handled by a professional. Although many people think that they are very able when it comes to fixing and installations of things like home appliances, certain jobs like this one may present him or her with problems that they have never encountered, which can leave you without running water until you can get a licensed plumber to your home. Not only are there aspects that one can damage on the hot water heater itself, but there are many things that only licensed plumbers will know such as safety compliance codes as well as state rules and regulations for plumbing and electric as well.

Knowing the Brands

One aspect that gives a professional an advantage over the homeowner when it comes to this project is the simple fact that he or she will know which brands work and which brands will give you trouble. When you venture into a home improvement warehouse, you will simply have a salesperson who wants to sell you an appliance no matter what your needs are. This can lead to you purchasing an appliance that may not even be able to be used in your home. For instance, if you have never looked at your existing water heater, you may not know if it is gas or electric. It would be very frustrating to purchase an electric hot water heater only to find out that your hot water runs off of gas. 

Understanding Hot Water Needs

If you have just added a new bathroom to your home, you may have more needs for hot water than you have in the past. However, many people would not consider this fact when looking for another water heater. There must be calculations done to figure out how much hot water will be used at one time, which can be handled by a professional. If you don’t have a heater that will meet your hot water needs, you will have to re-purchase and re-nstall another one. 

Drainage and Supply

By hiring a professional for the job, you are ensuring that you will be getting the right supply lines into the heater as well as the proper drainage. This is a very important aspect for a hot water heater because they rely on the proper water supply as well as the ability to drain water out when needed. When the proper drainage is not provided, pressure may build up in the valves, which can cause undue stress on certain parts and even damage to the hot water heater itself.