Deck Decorating Ideas for Seasons and Holidays

Deck decorating for the seasons and holidays is always a fun way to change the look of your patio. You can transform it instantly by decorating as the seasons change and for your favorite holidays by adding lights, flowers and cushions. There are many different options you can choose from when sprucing up your deck for a special occasion.

Light Things Up

To instantly make your deck change its appearance and look a little more festive, hang decorative lights along the railing. There are many different options to choose from which consist of plastic leaf lights for fall or just white lights for night or the winter months. Dress up your deck by putting both green and red lights along the edges for Christmas time or put up spooky ghost lights to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Create a New Look With Cushions

Cushions are the easiest way to decorate a patio or deck. Place these along your chairs outside and use the ones that are most appropriate for the season and the holidays. Place cushions that are festive all along your chairs.

Dress Up Your Table Top

There are a lot of decorations that you can find for outdoor living in various retail stores that are made for the upcoming holiday season. Buy candles or flower center pieces that match the holiday, such as a ceramic autumn leaf candle holder or a hearty mum table top. Place a small gourd and pumpkin display in the center of your table or various seashells for summer.

Flower Baskets Along the Deck

Get wicker baskets full of colorful mums and place them around your deck for autumn, or hang several brightly colored baskets from your deck for the warm summer months. Instead of baskets of flowers you can use fake vines of foliage from a craft store or fake holly to string along the deck for Christmas time. You can also add festive pumpkins and corn stalks on your deck for the fall season and then switch that to poinsettias when the winter season begins.

Whether you decorate it by hanging brightly decorated lights along the edges or by placing baskets of appropriate flowers along the floor of the deck, you can easily achieve the desired look. Deck decorating is easy and inexpensive if you purchase supplies at discount stores or consignment shops. Check to see if you have any furniture that you can recycle and reuse from a previous time. For example, use a small table that you stored away to place another centerpiece on or a flower basket. By having more deck furniture you'll be able to decorate a little more, and a lot easier.