Deck Tiles vs Pressure Treated Framing

When renovating your outdoor deck or patio, it can be renovated by replacing the surface with deck tiles or the standard pressure treated wood. Both give a beautiful finish for outdoor patio or decks but one is more advantageous than the other.

Deck Tiles

Deck tiles can replace your existing old concrete patio, wood deck or pressure treated wood framing. Deck tiles allow you to create a beautiful hardwood deck at a fraction of the cost and require little work and construction know-how. Just as long as the surface to be renovated is flat and even, installation is quick and easy. Deck tiles are made to snap and click over your existing surface and can be inter-used with different deck tile designs and because of this, deck tiles are portable and can be easily moved and reinstalled in another location when you sell your home. This does not only protect your investment but you can always take a piece of your creation to your new place.

Pressure Treated Wood Framing

Pressure treated wood framing on your patio also has its advantages even if investing using this material for renovating your patio would be permanent and not as portable as the deck tiles. It is typically used in direct contact with the ground or soil and is resistant to insects such as termites, water damage and rot. But since it is chemically treated, care should be used when constructing using this type of material. It should not be used it applications where the wood will come into contact with food such as raised garden beds and troughs for animals as the carcinogenic chemicals can seep into the water and contaminate the food.