Decorate Your Window Sill Molding

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Changing the look of a room in your house can be as simple as changing the window sill molding and trim. Decorating the window sill molding may seem like a small detail, but it can make a difference in the way your room looks. If you’re redecorating or building your own house, don’t forget the details like window sills.

Materials for Window Sill Molding

If you’re going for a traditional style with your trim and molding, you might opt for a wooden window sill. This wood can be unfinished and then later stained or painted, or it can be finished to the color you want. A modern window sill might be made of metal. You can also purchase fiberboard or vinyl window sill molding. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to their use. For example, wood is susceptible to rotting and metal is susceptible to rust.

Styles of Window Sill Molding

A window sill with ridges or curves will look more traditional than a window sill molding that lays flat against the wall. The style window sill molding you choose should match the style of the rest of the room. If you have baseboard, chair, or other types of molding you should try to purchase a molding that will match the molding you already have in place. If you have trouble matching, try looking at examples of rooms that are designed in the same style; they might offer some insight into what goes together.

Painting the Molding

If you plan on painting or staining the window sill molding, you should buy unfinished molding because it will cost you less money. If you stain the wood, use a stain that matches the other wood tones in the room. Use medium or high-gloss paint when painting the window sill molding, because that will work best and withstand the elements better than other types of paint. Stain or paint the molding before you attach it to the window, so you’ll be sure not to miss a spot.

Adding Your Own Touches

Don’t forget when you dress your windows, using curtains, drapes, or valances that you don’t want to cover the trim and window sill. If you’ve worked hard to have matching trim that is a certain color, you’ll want it to accent the curtains rather than be hidden behind them.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, add your own creativity to your window sill molding and the rest of the trim around the window. Take an element of the room, such as a border, a detail on a lampshade or piece of artwork, and paint it directly onto the molding. Ivy leaves and vines or flowers will look nice bordering your window. You can also paint a saying on a flat window sill molding to give it an inspirational and modern feel. Add a quote or a favorite line of poetry using a letter stencil from your local arts and crafts store to really decorate your window sill molding.