Decorating Dorm Rooms With Flair and Financial Savvy

Crafty college kids across the country are turning their dorm rooms and off-campus apartments into fashionable living quarters and they aren't breaking the bank to do it. Why shouldn't that home-away-from-home reflect your own personal style? Whether it's your study area, your relaxation retreat or your place for entertaining, your room is your statement about you. Here are some decorating tips that could help turn a small zone into a cozy home.

Need a quick bedside table solution? Visit a flea market or yard sale for bargain furniture. Replace the knobs, add a coat of paint or create an antique look with a few brush strokes.

Create a living space on your floor with a stylish accent rug. Place floor pillows on the rug and settle in with classmates for a study group or friendly chatter. A room-sized rug can cost as little as $80 and area rugs about $40.

Choose a bedding ensemble that reflects your personal style, without making a dent in your wallet. For example, at Wal-Mart you can get a Springmaid Bed in a Bag for under $50 that includes everything you need for the bed - comforter, shams, sheets and bed skirt.

Nothing says home like soft bed linens. Keep two sets of sheets on hand - one to sleep on and one set to use when you finally get around to doing laundry. Most dorm room mattresses are extra long, so look for extra long sheets with deep pockets.

Liven up your window with colorful curtains. It's easy to make your own. Buy a flat sheet, cut a slit on each side of the top hem and slide a dowel rod through it. Tie the sheet back with ribbon and enjoy the view.

Comfortable pillows are a must-have when sleep is a rare feat. You may love the pillow you've used since you were 10, but chances are it has seen better days. You should replace your pillow every few years to reduce allergens and provide good support while you sleep.

Storage space in a dorm room is a hot commodity, so put your clothes or books in a plastic storage container under the bed. They cost around $5 and let you free up table top, drawer and closet space and eliminate clutter for a fresh, organized look.

Springmaid Bed in a Bags are one way college students can decorate with flair without putting a dent in their wallets.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.