Decorating a Boy's Nursery

Whether your baby is on the way or was born, decorating a boy’s nursery can be an adventure and is certainly one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparation for the baby’s arrival at home. This room will be the newborn’s sanctuary, it will be the room where he sleeps, is fed and bathed, so it needs to be peaceful but also comfortable and practical.

Amount Of Space

When decorating a boy’s nursery you need to first consider the amount of space the room has and dedicate a space for a crib where the baby will obviously sleep and another space for changing his diapers. These two spaces can nowadays be fused together thanks to cribs that come already attached with a changing table. Such cribs generally also have a storing facility that will help reduce spacing problems and keep commonly useful objects such as diapers, towels and so on close at hand. Be sure to place the crib close to the door and somewhere distant from windows to reduce direct breezes and sunlight. When the crib and changing table are settled, decide which is the ideal space for the feeding area. This will be the place where parents will not only be feeding the child but also cuddling and bonding with the newborn. Therefore use a comfortable chair such as a rocking chair and close to it set a small side table which will come in very handy for placing the feeding bottle, tissues and other related objects.

Color Scheme

The second thing you will be thinking about is the choice of color scheme of the room. While opting for playful pastel colors such as baby blue or sage green which could be matched up with the rest of the decor (carpets, crib, quilts), you can also opt for a themed room. However, in the long run, pastel colors would be the most suitable option because the child might want to be rid of the chosen theme as he grows older. However, many themes are available today and you can choose from the most popular being the jungle theme (which will involve safari and barnyard animals), the transportation theme (which will concentrate around the use of cars, planes, trucks, helicopters etc) and the sports theme (which might be about one specific sports or may have many different ones). It will be extremely easy to match up these themes with soft toys, blankets and rugs that share the same theme and they are generally sold from most baby stores.

Making Use of Stencils

Yet, if you do not want to use a theme, you can reduce the monotony of pastel colored wall by using stencils or decals (stickers) that can spice up your color choices. This would be the perfect moment to use complementary colors; so if your room is baby blue use orange decorations to balance it up.


Another way to spruce the nursery’s decor is to attach mobiles to the roof. If you already have a theme for the room continue expanding it, and even if you chose to use pastel colors, adding mobiles can bring an added value to the room’s decoration. Mobiles come in a variety of styles and shapes so finding the right one for your tastes will be easy. Remember that babies love staring and observing objects, so what better way to capture his attention other than using a moving object? Mobiles can vary from little plush toys to simple 2-dimensional pictures and obviously the lighter they are the faster they will spin. Therefore consider using an assortment of light and heavier mobiles which will surely add up to keeping the newborn mesmerized.

These are only a few of the most popular decorating ideas for a boy’s nursery. You can be more adventurous and go for something bolder. However, whichever way to choose to go, let your creativity take the lead and let your inner child enjoy creating a comfortable room for the newborn boy.