Decorating a Small Space: Challenge Accepted

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With the holidays upon us, some people start to get anxious about how they can actually decorate small spaces. Concerns like, will that tree fit in my home? After the holidays, where do I store all my decorations? And - how do I make my home look festive for holiday gatherings, but still fit the decorations and the humans in the same space?

Decorating a small space for the holidays requires a bit of thought and planning, but adding the holiday spirit can be easier than you think.

Making a Statement

Remember that very small trees can be cute and fun. Don't try to hide that you've got a small space, celebrate it. When decorating your tree, be creative. Use a favorite ribbon or one that helps you define a theme to drape around the tree. Try using larger bulbs but fewer of them to make a statement with your tree. Use a color theme to support your existing room décor or highlight a favorite hobby, nationality or city. In case you run into storage issues and don’t have enough room for those bulbs, try decorating with things around you home to create the themed tree.

Using What You Have

Using what you have is a great option for decorating a small space. It also solves the storage problem. If you have bowls or serving platters you don’t use regularly, try adding a few bulbs, ornaments or pinecones to them to welcome in the holidays.

Decorating a Small Space, Challenge Accepted, Elizabeth Dodson, HomeZada

If you have a plethora of books or games, add these to your room décor. Individual playing cards can hang like ornaments from a tree or a stack of books can act as your tree skirt. Maybe you have some old scarves or sweaters that are headed out the door. Before you throw them out, add them to form a tree skirt or create bows that can be displayed around your home to enhance your holiday décor.

Use old frames to create a holiday masterpiece by highlighting your favorite holiday memory with each of your family members. In fact, if family is coming to visit, ask them to bring a frame with a favorite picture of them and they can personally add it to your tree or somewhere around your home.

Creating the Dramatic with Simple Items

If you have no room for a tree, add swags of evergreens over mirrors or on window ledges. Firmly securing a few bulbs to the swags can also add a holiday element to your home.

Decorating a Small Space, Challenge Accepted, Elizabeth Dodson, HomeZada

Maybe evergreens are just not your thing. Then hang Christmas lights from the tops of the windows and along the window ledges to create a glowing sensation to your rooms. You can even use these lights to drape on the wall or along the edges of your holiday table to illuminate your space.

Tables Can Be the Centerpiece

If you don’t have a lot of room, the table can actually be a centerpiece for your home’s holiday design. Whether you are hosting a full course meal where everyone will sit down to dinner together or you’re setting up a buffet, your table can add the pizzazz you need for the holidays. Add a holiday focused table runner or table cloth, then add center pieces that get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Decorating a Small Space, Challenge Accepted, Elizabeth Dodson, HomeZada

Maybe your have excess bulbs that couldn’t fit on your tree, add them to a beautiful bowl to bring the tree’s elegance to the table. Cut a few small branches off the back of your tree and add them to your table for a pine scented holiday.