Decorating Around a Patio Fire Pit

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When decorating around a patio fire pit, be sure to allow plenty of clearance around the fire pit so that there is no danger of starting accidental fires. If the patio is large enough, try to give the fire pit a full 10-foot radius, but don't settle for anything less than a clear path that is 5 feet wide. Whatever is placed within that perimeter should be dedicated to the fire pit and can include permanent benches and outdoor, all-weather tables.

Fire Pit Decoration Displays Personality

Decorate the patio, add a small garden pond with a fountain or create a colorful rock and cactus garden. It is not advisable to place a fire pit under a pergola, but you could construct one that is located on one side of the fire pit.

Fire Pit Expandability

Many people consider fire pit cooking to be a culinary art. If you hold frequent cookouts, consider fire pits that either have a grilling area included, or that can be expanded or modified to allow pit cooking. There is an almost endless variety of ways that grilling stations can be implemented with a fire pit, and at least one of the available options is bound to suit your particular tastes and requirements.