Decorating Around Your Hot Tub

The atmosphere around any hot tub is enhanced by the presence of attractive and functional décor. The circumference of your hot tub is an excellent area to place embellished or intricately designed out-door furniture. Purchase furniture in a color that compliments both the interior of your hot tub and its cover. If you are unsure about which color to choose, white and black contrasts almost any color beautifully.


Adding a set of chairs and a table around your hot tub will prove useful and decorative when you host a party. This will enable guests outside of the hot tub to comfortably socialize with those immersed in water. Not to mention, these items will attract your guests outside; encouraging your company to move around your property instead of staying in one space.

Low-laying benches or tables are both functional attractive items to decorate your hot tub with. They can serve as drink holders or as a seat for someone who only wishes to dip their toes in your hot tub. In addition, while your hot tub is not in use, you can embellish your furniture with stone statues or flower pots.

Consider a Container Garden

The area around your hot tub is an outstanding place to care for a container garden. Container gardens are composed of perennial or annual flowers planted into fertile potting soil. They are contained by a pot of any size and naturally beautify the area around your hot tub. In addition, many plants benefit from the occasional humid mist that accompanies the atmosphere of your hot tub.

If you’re a novice gardener, an evergreen tree would be the ideal plant to have in your container garden. They require very little care and do not shed any debris into the area around your hot tub. In addition, evergreen trees can be sculpted and trained into a variety of shapes which opens your mind to numerous creative possibilities.

If you do not have space in your yard, you could utilize the space around your hot tub to raise an annual garden. A container garden with annual plants will provide you with a blank creative slate every season. You can easily use the space to raise vegetables, plant bulbs, or colorful annual plants that will greet hot tub patrons with a variety of pleasant scents.

However, it is important to bear in mind that an annual garden will unavoidably generate debris. This debris is likely to find its way into your hot tub if it is not immediately removed. Therefore-before you decide to decorate with an annual garden- you must evaluate the amount of time you are willing to spend maintaining it.

Functional furniture, sculpture, or a container garden easily enhances the atmosphere of your hot tub. In addition, these elements draw you and your guests outside of your home; allowing everyone to socialize regardless of their desire to get into the hot tub. Let yourself get creative with the space around your hot tub and do not be afraid to spruce up the atmosphere with some plant life.