Making a Statement With Your Bathroom Design

stylish bathroom with freestanding curved bathtub

When decorating a bathroom in your home, consider its use. Do the children primarily use the bathroom, and is there a master bath off the master bedroom? Do you have a bathroom that is used by guests? Each of these factors can be important when considering decorating a bathroom. Here, we discuss making a statement when you decorate a bathroom with finishes and accessories.

Setting the Scene

Always remember that when decorating a bathroom, there are 2 goals. First, you want to make the bathroom a relaxing place. Second, you want to make the room look as large and airy as possible. Those factors should guide your color scheme and accessories.

There is a theory in decorating circles that go like this: Use light colors for the paint, medium colors for furniture and window sills, and dark colors for accessories. A light paint makes the room look larger than it actually is. It serves as a base for the trim and accessories. Dark accessories automatically draw the eye. If tastefully done, it can add excitement to any bath décor, plus it allows the eye to flow through the room.

Kids Bathrooms

If the bathroom is primarily used by children, decorate in a fashion that will remind children of the seashore. Walls can be painted in ocean blues or greens, and a beige colors color can be used for accents. You can install a fish border at the center of the room or around the perimeter. If you really feel creative, then stencil starfish or a beach ball and umbrella on the walls.

Guest Bathrooms

A guest bathroom can be a place to try out decorating skills. Painting a guest bathroom in a muted gold with black accents gives the feeling of luxury and wealth. People are slowly moving away from traditional colors in the bathroom; you now see a wide range of pastels, with chocolate brown accessories, bath towels, and tile. Experts warn against using colors such as shades of yellow, lime green, or peach because you will tire of the color very quickly.

Master Baths

In almost every decorating magazine, master baths are shown with garden tubs and a Jacuzzi, but research by Moen, the faucet manufacturer, shows that the average master bathroom is only 75-square feet. Only 14% of master baths have these amenities. Opt rather for a warm and inviting color scheme, making comfort your guidelines. Coordinate towels, curtains, and tile in a compatible color. Use an off white or eggshell paint for the walls. Accessorize to suit your individual taste.

Bathroom decoration is only limited by your imagination. Look at the decorating magazines to see what is popular today, and follow these simple guidelines when you consider your next redecoration scheme.