Decorating Bedside Tables: What to Put On Top

Hawaiian themed bed and night tables

Bedside tables have a way of uplifting any bedroom look. But the great thing about them is that they are not only decorative, they are also functional. They serve the practical purpose of holding important items that you need while you are in bed or before you go to sleep. These things can be anything from eyeglasses to medications to hand cream, body lotion, and many more. Below, you will find items that you can put on top of your bedside table to make it look more visually appealing.

Fresh potted plant

A fresh potted plant can bring life to any personal space. Put this beside your bed and you can expect the surroundings to brighten up in a unique way you didn’t think was possible. A good alternative to this would be a vase of fresh flowers. Take note of the word, “fresh.” While others would love the convenience of artificial plants or silk flowers, they can never match the beauty and freshness that real ones can bring. Just see to it that you choose a plant or flower variety that can survive indoors. Plants that need minimal sunlight and maintenance are suitable for this particular purpose.

Scented Candles

group of burning candles

Place a set of scented candles beside your bed so you can relax while you sleep. However, it is dangerous to light up the candles while you’re already in bed or when you’re about to go to sleep because you might forget to extinguish the flame and this might to lead to a home fire. The best thing to do would be to light up the candles during the middle of the afternoon. Extinguish the flame before you go to bed. The bed aromatherapy scents to use for relaxation include lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. These scents can calm the nerves, soothe the senses, and give you deep relaxation.

Photo Frames

hands holding picture of man and little boy

Make your bedside table a memento section by putting some of your favorite photo frames on top of it. These photos can be anything from your family’s last vacation to your kid’s first birthday. It can also be a photo of your whole family smiling goofily in front of the camera during one Christmas Eve. Aside from the memorable photos, make sure you also exert an extra effort in choosing the photo frame. It is best that you choose frames that complement the theme of your bedroom. Wooden photo frames are ideal for a bedroom with a rustic feel, while silver metal frames blend well with contemporary interiors.


A table lamp is another good option to put on your bedside table. This does not only beautify the table and the entire space but also serve the practical function of providing task lighting. This is important especially if you love to read at night or if you cannot sleep in an entirely dark bedroom.

You have so many choices when it comes to items to put on your bedside table. Other items to consider include books, cellular phone holder, telephone, alarm clock, jewelry box, decorative basket, and many more. Just see to it that you don’t let the bedside table appear too crowded.