Decorating Children's Bedrooms: 4 Ideas for Girls

The need to decorate a child's bedroom can present many problems. There are many different concepts that go into a child's bedroom. A little girl's room is project unto itself. Here are a few basic concepts to consider.


Instead of a full-blown use of the color, consider whether accents of the color would be more appropriate so that they can be easily changed. By starting with a plain base, and adding color accessories, such as a wallpaper border or curtains and rugs, you can satisfy the need for color without going overboard. As the child grows and changes their likes, you can rework the room to the child's new needs.

Alternatively, if you are happy for your children’s bedrooms to be completely one color, consider using different shades of the color to create some variety.


Use your child's personality to establish a theme. Whether she is into mermaids or has ambitions of becoming a ballet dancer, you should have no problem in finding accessories to correspond with the theme. Bed clothes, curtains, rugs and even lamp shades can be found to ensure that the room ties into their overall needs.


Getting a mural professionally painted onto the wall of children’s bedrooms can be a great focal point. Besides images such as a character from a favorite book or cartoon, you should also consider engaging an artist who is capable of copying a baby picture onto the wall. This idea can be extended by adding an updated image onto an opposite wall when the little girl is older, showing the progression of the child that the room belongs to.

The mural idea can be extended and made even more dramatic by creating a completely different world. A turquoise-blue base color on the walls can be the starting point for an underwater world, only requiring the addition of fishes, bubbles and reeds, or maybe the odd deep sea diver. A darker blue can be the starting point for an enchanted forest that is home to magical fairies and covered by a blanket of stars.


Using shapes is a good idea if you want a timeless style for a little girl’s bedroom. Shapes won’t fall out of favor like colors and cartoon characters and will reduce the need for redecoration as the girl’s tastes change. Whether you are seeking to use one shape throughout the entire bedroom or various shapes together, you will find that it is a simple way to add a decorative touch. Consider stenciling a border with the shapes of your choice if you want to limit the accent, or go for wallpaper adorned with the shapes. This method is also a great one to make use of accessories, such as heart-shaped doorknobs, a carpet decorated with circles and a star-shaped rug.