Decorating Children's Bedrooms: 5 Ideas for Boys

There are a number of ways that you can decorate your children’s bedrooms, though some may be more suitable for boys than for girls. A good idea of what the boy likes and dislikes will be useful in creating a room that he will enjoy.

Idea 1 - Picking out Furniture

Though your boy may be young and small at the time you want to decorate his room, you should select furniture that he will be able to use for many years. Consider purchasing a bed with dresser drawers underneath it that will allow him to store his clothes or even his toys now, and then other items later in life.

Purchase items that can be altered by painting or minor changes that will allow items to “grow up” with the boy. You may want a piece of furniture to be baby blue for now, but paint it brown or black later in life.

Make sure that the furniture is sturdy not only so that it will last years, but will also handle the energy of a little boy.

Idea 2 - Walls and Ceiling

Paint the walls whichever color you or your child will enjoy or consider decorating it with a fun wall-paper of cars or animals. If you do not want to cover his whole wall with paper, you can use the banner wall paper and place a strip around the room.

Consider putting up glow-in-the dark stars on the ceiling. Not only will this act as a “night-light” when the child is young, they may be a welcome decoration even when he is older.

Idea 3 - Shelving Units and Shelves

Make sure there is a lot of space for him to store his toys, but keep the floor as empty as possible so that he can have more room to play. You can also keep keepsakes from when he was a baby on higher shelves to give the room a sense of childhood and growth.

Idea 4 - Personalize the Room

Put a sign on the door that says his name, or write out his name with wooden letters on his wall. Let him decorate it with pictures that he draws or put up pictures of him playing with his friends or siblings. Let him help you organize the room in a way he will enjoy.

Idea 5 - Give the Room a Theme

Talk to the boy about what kind of theme he would like in a room. If he likes cars, you may want to decorate the room with car-themed items, such as a carpet for kids with roads colored in that he can play with. Not only will this help protect the floor underneath it, it will help your child to live out his imaginations and play hard.

If your child likes animals, set up an area in his room where he can collect his stuffed animals and play with them. Consider setting up a small fish tank or terrarium that he will be able to use to hold a small pet.

This can work with a number of different themes from sports to movies. Listen to the likes and dislikes of your child and use that information to your advantage.