Decorating Door Ideas For The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it won't be long before your doorbell will be announcing the arrival of many guests; from young trick-or-treaters to family members you haven't seen since last holiday season. And for each of your guests, the first thing they'll see when they visit your home is your front door. With the rest of your home gorgeously decorated, why scrimp on the front door? Here are a few decorating ideas you can use to turn your front door into the welcoming entryway it's meant to be during this time of year.

WreathsWreaths are probably one of the most common fixtures found on front doors all across America. They are traditional, timeless and a wonderful way to highlight your home. You can choose to purchase one that's already made from your local supply store, retail giant or craft shop, or you can choose to create your own. Without a doubt, I recommend making it yourself. That way, you can add your own personal touch and really get creative with it. Here are a few ideas for the holiday seasons:

  • Halloween – Halloween offers an unbelievable freedom when it comes to creating your own wreath. You can choose from traditional colors like purple, black and orange or you can try other arrangements like green and gray or gray and black. Add some tombstones, skeletons, pumpkins, bats or anything else that's ghoulish or spooky and you'll have an original door decoration.
  • Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving offers a warm, rich and welcome color palette, full of reds, oranges, browns and yellows. You can add seasonal touches like autumn leaves, acorns and other nuts, dried corn or a mini cornucopia.
  • Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa – Each of these holidays offer their own signature color scheme – the reds and greens of Christmas, the blue and white of Hanukkah and the black, red and green of Kwanzaa. Embellish your holiday wreath with the classic symbols of each. For some added dazzle, wrap your wreath with a string of battery operated lights.
  • New Year's – For those of you who love to decorate for New Year's, the traditional colors are silver and blue. Add some traditional New Year's symbols to your wreath like mini champagne bottles, streamers and the year or get creative and make a wreath out of New Year's hats.

Door Wrapping – Wrapping your front door is a great way to give your entry a complete makeover. Today, many stores sell manufactured door wrappings for every holiday. For Halloween, you can have a Frankenstein monster look like he's plowing through your door. For Christmas, wrap your door in wrapping paper, add some ribbon and a large bow and your door is magically turned into a present!

Door Hangers – Sometimes just adding a door hanger from your door knob can provide just the right amount of decoration for your door. Again, making homemade door hangers can be fun and your creativity can be allowed to run free. You can follow the color schemes of your favorite holiday, and for a complete look, make a matching door knob hanger to compliment your wreath.

The goal in decorating your door is to provide a welcome entrance for all who visit. Have fun making your decorations and use whatever is available to you. There are no rules when one is creating, so let it go. Just remember that your door will be opening and closing very often over the next few months so however you wish to decorate your door, try to construct it and secure it as strong as possible so your decorations don't fall apart before the next holiday!

Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, NJ. An electrician for 15 years, an injury forced him to pursue his true love - writing.