Decorating Garden Planters

If your garden planters look like they need a little extra style, take some time to decorate them on your own. Keep reading for some ideas on how to breathe life into your garden planters.

Observe Surroundings

The key to good decorating in the garden is to make sure your choices are not too extreme. By simply changing the color of a planter to match the paint on your house or simply painting a stripe around the top edge, you can change the entire look.

Decorating Styles

Painting is the best way to breathe life into your planters. Choose colors that match the flowers and other plants in your garden to create a unique style. You can paint the entire planter, add stripes, make dots, or even paint a picture. Painting small ladybugs or bees is a fitting and fun way to enhance your garden; stickers can work as well as long as they are subtle.

Explore the Store

By visiting an arts-and-crafts or garden store, you will find many creative items and come up with many new ideas. Take some time to explore and you will be inspired.