Decorating Ideas For A Kitchen Island

When it comes to decorating your kitchen island, there are many different techniques you can use. Kitchen islands can range anywhere from a simple table to an elaborate room divider. Consider these tips to help you decide on what decorating style would best fit your style and space.

Add an Appliance, or Two

To make your kitchen island versatile and functional, install a dishwasher, a sink or cabinet space. Make your island more than just a surface for food preparation and serving. Add outlets on the top or side of the island so you can bring electric appliances to your workspace.

A New Seating Area

Turn your island into a space where the entire family to sit down comfortably and have dinner together. Evaluate the size of your island and the rest of your kitchen. For a smaller space, add a small bars and some stools. If you have the room for a larger construction, expand the island into a table with chairs. 

Cubbies and Shelves

A kitchen island can have many different shelves and cubby holes to accommodate and display cookbooks, pictures and kitchen utensils. Consider installing a built-in wine rack and glass holder to efficiently store bottles and drinkware.

Two-Level Counter

The surface of a kitchen island can be used for cooking or eating or just for visual appeal. Use a two-level countertop to help keep the cooking area and the eating area separate. The burners on the lower level of the island will not affect the sitting area on the top part of the counter. This will also add intrigue as guests perched at the eating counter can watch you cook up a storm.

Different Shapes and Layouts

To determine the best island layout for your kitchen, consider the size and the shape of your kitchen. You don't want a construction that will interrupt traffic, and you should make sure that your island provides easy access to the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or other appliances you use while cooking.

There are plenty of different layouts to work with, like L-shaped islands, wedge-shaped, square, round and rectangular. Each shape works well with the appropriate amount of room.

Showcase Items

If you have many pots and pans and not a lot of space for storage, you can hang them on a rack above your kitchen island. This is also a great way to showcase any of your collectible items that you don't want to hide out of view.

Multiple Surfaces

A kitchen island does not have to be one type of surface. It can be marble at one end for dining and wood at the opposite end for cooking.

You can also have two kitchen islands set up next to each other to allow multiple spaces to cook and dine. This is a great option if there are two cooks in the household, or if you frequently entertain.

Portable Island

Sometimes you may need to move the island around to open your kitchen space or take your work surface to another room. For this purpose, you can find plenty of islands that can easily collapse or be transported on wheels. Keep in mind, however, that these models will not be equipped with plumbing or electricity.