Decorating a Kid's Room with Fish

Decorating a kid's room is always fun.  With so many options for decor, it can be hard to narrow down one theme or idea.  For a whimsical and colorful decor, decorating a kid's room with fish is a great choice.  There are a lot of ways to incorporate fish into the room's decorating scheme, so use the helpful tips below to maximize decorating opportunities.


For the ultimate fish wall decor, consider hanging wallpaper that depicts a real life, underwater scene.  Specialty wallpaper manufacturers often offer these wall decor panels in various sizes.  Hang the panels on one wall, or have them wrap around onto adjoining walls.  This creates the most realistic fish decor possible.  If colorful, cartoon fish are preferred over their realistic counterparts, a wallpaper border or painted stencil featuring fish is an easy option.  Stencil along the top of the wall or at a chair rail height for a fun look.  A large painted mural is also an option if the decorator is talented at freehand painting.  A light blue wall background is usually the best way to accent a fish wall decor.


When choosing bed linens for a fish theme bedroom, look for sheets that feature the preferred style.  If the room takes a more realistic approach, there are underwater theme bed linens that can compliment that look.  There are, however, many whimsical fish patterns to accent a less serious approach to fish decorating.  Theme comforters and blankets also help to pull the fish theme around the room.  Online retailers and specialty linen stores are usually the best places to find a variety of fish theme linens.  If fish sheets and pillow cases cannot be found, opt for linens in a pale blue or aqua color that matches some of the other fish decor in the bedroom.


There is no shortage of fish accessories when it comes to decorating a child's room.  Fish switch plates can be a great introduction to the room, while fish theme curtains and lampshades help draw the eye around the space.  Fish throw pillows for the bed, a fish theme throw rug, and framed fish prints will all also help to create the mood in the room.  If the child is old enough to take care of a live animal, consider adding a fish tank or a Beta fish in a bowl, to make the theme come alive even more.  

Alternative Fish Decor

Although most children would do well with a whimsical or under the sea fish decor, some children would also enjoy a different take on fish decor.  For the child who enjoys fishing, consider decorating the room with fishing poles, tackle boxes, and posters of fish species.  This more outdoorsy approach to fish decor is not for everyone, but it will appeal to some children.  Talking with the child to determine which type of fish decor is most appealing will take the guesswork out of bedroom decorating.

Decorating a kid's room with fish is a fun approach to bedroom decor.  Decide on the desired look, look for matching decorations and linens, and have fun creating a colorful and attractive space.  Get the child involved in helping with the decorating for an even more exciting experience.

Jessica Ackerman writes for where she provides detailed instructions for decorating with outdoor wall art decorations and tree wall art hanging.