Decorating a Nursery with Paper Lanterns

Unique decorating ideas are readily available when you are designing a baby’s room, and decorating a nursery with paper lanterns can be a beautiful way to express your personality and character. There are a few ways to decorate with paper lanterns, and each offers a few distinct advantages, depending on the nursery you are designing. Here are some helpful tips to use.

Make the pattern of the paper lantern flow with the nursery’s décor. This does not necessarily mean that the lantern should be identical to the rest of the room, but that the pattern or shade should harmonize with the room itself. Paper lanterns can easily be focal points in the nursery, so decorate with them based on how you want them to appear. For example: If you want them to be a focal point, choose patterns and shades that really stand out. For simple accessorizing, allow the shade to blend in with the room and add only a complement instead of a bold statement.

Paper lanterns come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, and can be used as a complement to natural light, a source of light, or simply as decorative accents. They are a great idea for nighttime lighting, as they are typically much dimmer than overhead lights. Shapes and patterns can help create unique colors when the lantern is lit, and can make the room seem very peaceful and calm. During night feedings, a dimmer source of light promotes sleep and encourages baby to fall asleep faster than bright overhead lights. Baby gets used to dim lights and soft sounds at night, instead of the bright daytime lighting, and will soon associate the dimmer lighting with time for sleeping.

Be aware of what type of lighting the paper lantern you choose for the nursery provides. Some are battery operated, and use special light bulbs to create a very distinctive lighting source for the bedroom. You will have to take care and keep a few suitable batteries on hand, or risk having to turn on the overhead light during a night feeding if the batteries die. Rechargeable batteries can be an excellent idea when you are using battery-charged paper lanterns, as they will save money in the long run.

Faux candles are another great idea for lighting with paper lanterns. They offer all of the beauty and elegance of a real candle, without the danger of fire when combined with a paper lantern. Decorating a nursery with paper lanterns does not have to appear cheap or tacky, and can be a great way to add a very unique touch to the lighting already existing in the room. If your nursery has only a traditional overhead light, faux candles offer the nighttime difference that your baby needs to develop a healthy sleep pattern.

Also, keep in mind that you should never use a candle with a paper lantern, as this creates a very serious fire hazard. It is best to stick with lanterns that use bulb lighting or faux candles for safety’s sake.

Decorating a nursery with paper lanterns can be a fun way to add a distinguishing touch to the baby’s room. As a sole source of light, they are dim but manageable accessories unless you add multiple lanterns. When used as accessories or decoration, they offer a different approach to lighting in a nursery than most parents would initially consider.

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