Decorating Patio Sunrooms With Curtains

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Patio sunrooms are typically attached to the exterior wall of a house. They have a great deal of window space to allow the sun into the room. Decorating the windows can require some special planning. You will want window coverings that will accent the room and allow as much light as possible into the space. The window coverings you install should work well with the overall décor of your home.

Determining the Amount of Sun

Carefully watch the light as it comes into the room throughout the day. Determine when the light of the sun is the brightest in your room. This light could potentially fade the fabric in the room so you will need curtains that will block the rays to prevent any sun damage to your room. Be sure you choose a curtain that is resistant to the sun to protect it from the light as well.

Measuring Your Windows

Decide whether you want your curtains to cover only the window space or to cover the space from the ceiling to the floor. Use a tape measuring tape to determine the length of curtains you will need. Write your measurements down on paper.

Choosing Custom Curtains

Decide whether you would like customized curtains or prefabricated curtains. Customized window coverings work best with windows that have an irregular shape or size. They are more expensive than prefabricated curtains. Be sure to choose a reputable drapery service to make your curtains. Check to be sure the customized curtains come with a warranty.

Choosing Your Fabrics

Determine which type of fabric you want to use. There is a variety of window covering fabrics available. Visit your local home improvement and fabric store and speak with a professional about your sunroom curtain plans. Choose the color and design of the fabric as well.

Choosing the Hanging System

Decide which type of hanging system you want for your windows. Some systems are installed inside the window frame while others require a rod that is hung above the window. A variety of curtain rod sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and materials are available.

Choosing Prefabricated Curtains

Standard-sized windows can be covered with prefabricated curtains. These curtains are available in many different colors, sizes, and designs. Be sure to check that your prefabricated curtains can be returned if you find that they do not suit your room.

Adding Blinds

Consider adding blinds to your curtain décor. There are many different types of blinds available including bamboo and film. You can choose the size, style, and color you need to work with your curtain choice. This addition to your window covering system can help to block out excess glare and provide extra privacy to your sunroom space. They are typically easy to install and simple to use.