Decorating a Room with Antique Lampshades

It can be a lot of fun to decorate with antique lampshades, whether you are using the lampshade in its intended manner or something interesting and different. They are a very inexpensive addition to your décor, and can be used and/or decorated in a variety of ways to add a great finishing touch to any room. Here are a few ways that decorating with antique lampshades can add a personal note to any part of your home.

If you are planning to use the lampshade as a lampshade, you can easily decorate it to make it look vintage, modern, western, eclectic, or simply match the rest of your décor. You can easily do this by using different mediums, each depending on the lampshade, your experience and budget, and personal taste.

  1. Paint can be a great way to change the appearance of the lampshade, but only use paints that can take the heat. Remember that when you are decorating a lampshade that will be on a functional lamp, the heat from the light bulb will heat up the shade significantly. Ask an expert which paint types work best for a lampshade, or choose a different method.
  2. Fabric is one of the best options. Measure the lampshade to get a rough estimate of how much fabric you need, then choose something that works for the room that you have in mind. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate an antique lampshade, to make it look like a whole new lampshade. You can use glue to fix the fabric in place easily, after cutting and measuring the fabric for the lampshade.
  3. Wallpaper is another popular idea for decorating a lampshade. It is easy to work with for most types of lampshades, and is not hard to glue into place. Make sure that the lampshade is clean and free of dust before gluing the wallpaper in place, and it will hold well even with heat.
  4. Add touches with different options, such as buttons, tassels, seashells, stained glass pieces, magnets, or other interesting ideas. These can easily be glued into place with a hot glue gun, and add a very creative touch to the lampshade without requiring much money, time, or effort.

You don’t have to use the lampshade as a lampshade necessarily. Turn the shade upside down, and set a potted plant inside, preferably one that is large enough to be visible above the top of the shade. This is a very attractive way to use a lampshade, and requires no work to set up, except perhaps some dusting if the lampshade is old or has been unused for a long time.

Decorating with antique lampshades can be a great way to add something interesting to a room without spending a lot of money on the project. If you are hoping to remodel, or simply redecorate, on a budget, projects such as this can save a lot of money, giving you more for other parts of the project. The more you save overall, the better you will feel. Take the savings and add a great piece of furniture, or a wall art design that adds something exceptional to the room.