Decorating Tips for Wrought-Iron Shelf Brackets

Wrought-iron shelf brackets often appeal to anyone who loves old-world charm, as well as those with an artistic bent. You may use wrought-iron shelf brackets for more than just holding up shelves. In fact, you can use them as focal points throughout your home to create a consistent style. 


You can find wrought-iron shelf brackets in a huge range of styles and designs, from simple to ornate. You may discover mass-produced or handmade brackets. With such variety, you can make all sorts of shelving and furnishings from them. Try using small shelves and staggering them for a small room, or one large shelf for a larger room. Be careful if you are trying to change their shape, as wrought iron is brittle and will crack or shatter if hammered or bent. 

Other Decorative Uses

The more decorative wrought-iron shelf brackets can serve a purely decorative purpose. Try hanging large ones on a wall as a feature on their own, or install them around other wall decorations such as mirrors or framed pictures.

Mirrors and Wall Decorations

You can use the brackets to hold up mirrors for added effect or use them to hang wall decorations. You can fix two at the bottom of the mirror and sit the mirror on them. You could also opt for just one extra-large hook in the wall to hang a mirror or to hang wall art with a chain or rope. Make sure you attach the bracket securely through the wall into a stud so it won't pull out and allow the mirror or picture to fall.

Hanging Plants

Another use is for hanging plant baskets. Wrought-iron shelf brackets, each with an overflowing basket of flowers look great in a line on an outside wall.

Fireplace Accents

You can hang small brackets beside a fireplace and use them to display ornaments or secure fireplace tools. In December they make elegant hangers for Christmas stockings.

Stool Legs and Kitchen Furnishings

Another use for wrought-iron shelf brackets is to make decorative stool legs. Just get a stool with a wooden top and screw three brackets in the correct places for legs. You could also use small brackets in the same way to make ornate kitchen bowl holders or bench tables.

Architectural Features

Use larger wrought-iron shelf brackets as decorations to frame windows and corners. Over doorways they become an interesting and eye-catching feature. Although you can painted them, most people leave them unpainted with a coat of lacquer to keep them from discoloring.