Decorating Tips: Pairing Glass Marbles with Multi-Colored Tile

bag of marbles
  • 1-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

When looking to add color to your décor, consider using glass marbles and multi-colored tiles. The sheer color and shine of marbles go well with brightly colored ceramic tiles. The shape difference of a small round marble and a square tile may be opposites, but contrast is a great design method.


An easy way to spice up the color of a room is to create a brightly colored centerpiece using glass marbles and colored tiles. Using small mosaic tiles that compliment the colors in the room, create a platter. Get creative with the colors and designs when making the platter. After the platter has been made and the grout has dried, find an aesthetically pleasing glass vase. Fill the vase with glass marbles and then place in the center of the mosaic tile platter.

To add even more design elements to the new centerpiece, place a tea light candle in the center of the vase and add a few more marbles to cover the edges of the candle. Another option is to add flowers to the vase by simply inserting the stems into the marbles until the desired look is achieved. This colorful centerpiece is great for a dining table, coffee table, end table, or mantle.


blue and beige glass tiles

A unique way to decorate with glass marbles and multi-colored tile is to place the glass marbles right into the grout with the tiles, creating an interesting pattern. Home improvement and craft stores often sell glass marbles with one or more flat edges that will work nicely when used on a wall. The combination of glass marbles and tiles look especially nice in a bathroom. A whole wall can be done with the marbles and tiles, a section of a wall, or simply use some marbles to achieve a decorative trim.


Create a wall-mounted mirror with a glass marble and tile frame. This is a fun do-it-yourself craft project for an adult or a child. Choose a mirror, keeping in mind the size needed to fit the space where the mirror will be hung. Use mirror adhesive to glue the back of the mirror to the center of the piece of plywood.

Of course, the plywood will be the mirror frame foundation, so decide how wide you would like the decorative frame to be. Then cut the plywood to the desired size prior to gluing the mirror on it. Glue the marbles and tile pieces to the plywood frame, creating a unique pattern that fits well with the décor of the room. Grout around the stones and tiles and then let dry prior to hanging on the wall.


Keeping in line with tiling, create a mosaic medallion in the kitchen, on the wall behind the sink or stove. A mosaic medallion is a picture or pattern in one area of the wall. It is like having a picture or piece of art right on the wall. An interesting idea would be to create a scene with flowers, using the multi-colored tiles for the background, flower stems, and leaves and use colored glass marbles for the flower petals.