Decorating with Bifold Doors

You can add a lot to your room's decor simply by decorating with bifold doors. These serviceable closet doors tend to come in basic white, and in this state, don't do much for the design of a room. But with a little planning and some hard work, you can change bifold doors from plain to beautiful. Here are a few tips to consider.

Dress Them Up

You can easily dress up windows with the right choice of fabric. You can do the same to bifold doors. For an elegant look, outfit your doors with a thick, quality fabric with simple vertical stripes. For a child's room, choose a small geometric pattern. Try to stay away from anything too bold because it'll overwhelm the room.

Buy fabric from any fabric supply store. Or if you'd like to forgo the step of sewing 1-inch hems and rod pockets, buy quality sheets instead. Attach center cafe rods and mounts at the top and the bottom of each door panel. Pull the rods through the hem of your fabric and hang it up. To add shape and definition, tie an attractive tassel around the middle of each fabric panel.

Chicken Wire and Fabric

Another way to use fabric to dress up bifold doors is to create recessed panels. The ideal fabric for this decorating method is one with a slightly darker neutral background with white detailing or a textured pattern.

Decide where you would like the place the recessed panels, how many and the desired size of each. Cut the fabric to meet those needs. Spray them lightly with adhesive and position them on the door panels. Cut chicken wire to fit over the newly created panels and staple it into place. Cover the panels with white painted screen molding to create an attractive recessed look.


Paint can go a long way towards making bifold doors look fabulous. It's simple to use and doesn't require a lot of craft skills. Paint the doors to match the color of the room's walls for a uniform look. For a child's room, you can make the closet door more fun by painting colorful shapes or other geometric patterns on the door. Or try painting the inside of the doors a different color than the outside. If possible, remove the doors to do all painting.

Removable Wall Stickers

If you're renting, you'll have limited decorating options for bifold doors. But that doesn't mean you have to keep them plain and boring. Purchase some attractive peel-and-stick removable wall stickers in a design of your choice and place them on the door's panels. When it's time to leave the rental, simply peel and remove the stickers.


Add new life to older wood bifold doors with textured wall paper. Remove the doors and give them a good sanding to remove any varnish or paint. Clean all dust residue. Cut your choice of wallpaper to perfectly fit the bifold doors' panels. Attach the paper to the surface.

You might also choose seagrass wallpaper or another textured wallpaper and paint over the paper after you attach it to the bifold doors.