Decorating With Flower Pots

Decorating with flower pots is an easy and inexpensive way to add to the décor of your home. Flower pots come in all sizes, shapes and are available unfinished or finished to suit your personal needs.


Décor Choices

Your local garden center will have a variety of flower pots from which to choose. The décor choice you make is basically a personal thing so you need to consider if you wish to create symmetry with your present home appearance or add an accent that is unique. Also, selecting an unfinished pot made from terra cotta allows you the opportunity to paint designs or just color to suit that personal taste.


Weight Matters

Keep in mind that using small house plants in decorated pots allows you to move these about your living environment, changing the ambience in whatever room they are placed. However, large pots can act as focal points when entering the home or even a room.


Safely Decorate

If there are no small children in the home, placing flower pots to decorate even a stairwell or along the edge of a balcony might be a nice touch. However, make sure that if there are children present in the home that placement of decorative flowers does not present a hazard to either the child or the plant.


Always place large potted plants in the selected location before filling it with soil.