Decorating with Light for Drama and Effect

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When decorating a room, you can use light in various ways to create many different moods, ranging from dramatic and daring to serene and restful. Light has the ability to set the mood in a room, as well as enhance the rest of your furnishings and decor. Depending on the room, here are some ways you can use light in your home to create different effects.

Utilize Natural Sunlight

Never underestimate the power of natural sunlight as a decorating feature in a room. By choosing window treatments and door styles that maximize the amount of light that can enter a room, you can instantly make it more cheerful and inviting. Skylights are another way to add drama to a room, letting in the sun during the day and providing a beautiful view of the evening sky at night. Good window treatment choices include sheers panels, lightweight curtains, and bamboo shades. Combining shades or blinds with lightweight window treatments such as window toppers is another good way to maximize the amount of sunlight in a room. However, keep in mind that natural sunlight can fade fabrics, carpeting, and even paint, so position furniture with fabric that tends to fade away from areas that will receive a lot of sunlight.

Add Elegance with a Chandelier

Chandeliers can add a sense of drama and elegance to almost any room in your home. These beautiful light fixtures can be the perfect choice for entryways, over the dining room table, or above a stairwell. You can also use smaller chandeliers in other locations, such as in the bathroom to create a unique look. Chandeliers come in many different styles, including highly ornate crystal chandeliers that add a traditionally formal look, as well as contemporary styles that are sleek and modern.

Decorating with Table Lamps

In addition to overhead lighting, adding one or more table lamps to a room can add not only style, but also functionality to a room. Create a cozy effect by pairing a comfortable chair with a small stand and lamp to create a corner for enjoying a favorite book. Decorative table lamps can be used effectively on stands, bookcases, bedside tables, and other locations to create smaller pools of light within a room, even if used in conjunction with overhead lighting. You can also use a strategically placed table lamp to highlight a focal point within the room, such as placing a lamp beside a piece of wall art, or a small lantern on the fireplace mantle.

Add Ambiance with Candles

Never overlook the interesting effect that candlelight can have within a room. Whether you use one single candle, or a whole collection of candles in various sizes and heights arranged together to form an island of light within the room, the flicker of candlelight can create a relaxing or even romantic mood. Choose tall tapers as opposed to short chunky candles for the dining room table if the candles are to be lit during dinner. The light that is reflected from tall candles will be more flattering than the lower angle of light produced from shorter candles.