Decorating with Structural Columns

Structural columns

add both an elegant look and serve an important function in the design of your home. Even if your home wasn’t originally built with columns, you can add pre-fabricated and faux columns to achieve the same look.  Here are a few things you can do with columns.


For very large columns, or columns that look a little out of place, you can create a dramatic look by adding drapes to the column. Simply add a few drapery hooks towards the top, and use a swag or other material that will give the same swag look around the column. This will give the appearance of a very rich and elegant room.


For columns in very open rooms, foyers, or any area near a door, adding a lantern to the column can give you a unique look and add more light to the room. You can find lanterns similar to the street style lanterns made for indoor use at any home supply store. You can also find lantern styles that use candles instead of electricity to add a softer look to the room.


Adding hanging basket plants to a column will bring a bit of the outdoors in without going through a huge expense. Many people also like placing potted house trees, real or otherwise, up against the columns. Placing house trees against a column is a good way to take away from the column if you don’t care for the look.