Decorating With Tin Ceiling Panels

Tin panels

Tin ceiling panels have gone out of favor for cheaper materials that are also easier to maintain. You'll often find tin ceiling panels installed in very old buildings. Over time these buildings become renovated and the tin ceiling panels get removed. When this happens, tin ceiling tiles are removed and usually thrown away. They can also be put away, recycled, and repurposed.

If you ever have the chance to purchase old tin ceiling panels, do so even if there are not enough to cover a ceiling. You can use tin ceiling panels for various projects. The following article will share some of these other options with you.


Your kitchen and bathroom will often have a porcelain backsplash installed, which protects the wall from moisture. Tin ceiling panels are great as a replacement for these tiles. They are easily installed, easily trimmed, easily cleaned, and maintained. They offer a waterproof solution to porcelain backsplashes, which require grout sealing.


Homeowners often purchase and install molding at the headers and footers of the ceiling. These moldings are often made out of wood and nailed in place. They offer a decorative solution to a bare wall. Tin ceiling tiles can also be used in place of traditional wood moldings. They simply need to be measured and trimmed to an acceptable size, and then they can be nailed or glued in place. The end result is a very classy look to an otherwise dull or stale looking wall.

Counter Surface

The surface of a counter can be made out of many materials ranging from marble to linoleum. Each of these products is very much a standard as a counter. Tin ceiling tiles can also be used to cover a countertop such as a kitchen island. You can seal the metal with polyurethane, to make it both safe for food and functional as a cutting surface.

Mirror Frame

Tin ceiling panels are beautiful in their own right but they can enhance the look of other things such as a mirror. If you want to create a shabby chic décor, then using tin ceiling panels around the mirror in the bathroom will certainly be a start in the right direction. Trim the tin ceiling panels and then use adhesive to affix them around the mirror.

Furniture Coverings

Wood looks great by itself, over time, however, it can become scratched up, dented, and worn out. Tin ceiling panels can last longer than wood, if properly taken care of. If you are tired of seeing wood then you can use the tin ceiling panels to change the look of everything from a coffee table and bed frame to side tables and even wooden trunks. Essentially, you trim the tin ceiling panels with tin snips to the sizes that you need and then affix them to the wood. You can do this using adhesive or small nails.


Some tin ceiling panels may not be able to be used for covering other materials. These panels can be used as tree ornaments and even wind chimes. Simply trim the panels; punch a hole and then string it in place.