Decorating with White: 4 Antique Ideas

Shades of white always generate a feeling of cleanliness in a room. When choosing to decorate with white, any style can be achieved, including an antique look. Hunt around garage sales and second-hand goods stores to find accessories and furniture pieces that can be restored. But before you take a paintbrush to any treasures that you find, make sure they're not genuine antiques. These should be restored by professionals to retain their value.

Decorative Cast Plaster

To add instant age in a room, replace original cornices with decorative cast plaster cornices. Use matching cast friezes along the walls, and consider installing decorative ceiling plaques to compliment. Paint the ceiling a shade darker than the walls and use the same shade for the friezes.


Heavy curtains are more old worldly and should be used as a feature. Lace curtains can be mixed in with them to allow light in during the day. Tie the heavy curtains back with extravagant tassels in a shade of white close to the color of the curtains.


Any furniture can be stripped back and repainted. If you're prepared to put the work in, getting pieces as close to the style you're after becomes easier. It's likely, too, that you'll find plenty of bargains along the way, when buying second hand.


Decorate with white accents only. Lamps, rugs, candelabras, table cloths, cushions, and lounge covers can all be found in white.