Decorating with White: A Romantic Fireplace

Decorating with white can be a challenging endeavor. If you want to utilize the beauty of white by creating a romantic fireplace, all you need to know is some common practices of accenting your decor.

Best Practices with Single Color Applications

There are a few rules to follow decorating a romantic fireplace with white. The typical rules when decorating change quite a bit when using only one color, because there are no other colors to compliment or contrast. Another variance you need to include in almost any decor is to utilize differing heights. The differing heights will create dimension to your project and gives your decor balance.

Where to Begin?

Fabric is the best place to start when you are trying to begin a home decor project. Fabric consists of many different types of things from drapery to carpeting. When creating a romantic fireplace, the type of fabric you use is an important decision. Use of certain fabrics such as satin, lace, and chenille to create a romantic ensemble will soften the  look and feel of your decorating project while adding dimension.

 Accessories and Furniture

Add a white wicker love seat to your ensemble. This will give you a great place to add a couple of chenille pillows and a chenille throw. The use of wicker in your ensemble will add more texture for contrast.