Decorating with Window Seat Cushions: Colors and Patterns

Many things affect the overall look of the window seat cushions in your home, but the most impact can be made with the fabrics that you choose for the cushions and pillows. With all of the fabrics out there, you may be overwhelmed with choices when it comes to colors and patterns.


When making cushions for your window seat, consider using plain white cushions with zip-up covers or regular removable slipcovers. Not only are these options easier to clean, but they allow you to change the style of your window seat at a moment’s notice by removing one cover and adding another.

Consider the same idea for pillows that will sit atop your window seat. If you find inexpensive pillows, buy them in many colors and switch them out as your mood or the seasons change.


The fabric colors on your window seat should coordinate with the colors in the rest of your home. Unless you are using removable colors for your seats, take your time and think carefully before choosing a color for your cushions. If you will be putting pillows on your window seat, think about using a neutral fabric for the cushions. That way, you can bring in color through your less expensive, easily-changeable pillows.

Common sense would tell us that window seats are usually located near windows. Since they will be illuminated with natural light, your options when it comes to appropriate colors are virtually endless. Use warm colors for your cushions to mimic the glow of the sun out your window. Use cool colors to reflect the blue sky and green grass.

If you are still having difficulty choosing a color, take your clues from other places in your home, or, better yet, the room in which your window seat is located. If the window behind your seat is draped with curtains, consider using the same fabric or a coordinating color to cover your cushions.


More difficult than choosing a fabric color is choosing a pattern for your fabric. One of the most important things to remember is that the size of the fabric’s pattern should be appropriate for the size of the window seat. For example, if your window seat is very large, consider using a smaller pattern in your fabric. Huge, bold stripes on a large window seat might come off as circus-like and overwhelming. Using bolder patterns in small places, like a small window seat or pillows that rest on top.

Some fabrics provide a subtle pattern and some texture without seeming like they have a pattern at all. These are things like corduroy, tweed, and denim. Some bolder patterns to consider are houndstooth, stripes, toile or florals. If you are using these bolder patterns, pair them with neutral or solid-colored pillows to tone down the overall look.

Coordinate the cushions of your window seat with the colors in your home, and take your cues from the beautiful outdoors. You'll be sure to end up with a window seat that you love.