Decorating Your Shower Curtain

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Decorating your shower curtain can be a fun and easy way to add unique style to your bathroom. Here are a few simple but fantastic ideas for decorating a fabric shower curtain.


Use stencils to create the look you want. Buy stencil patterns that match your décor and use fabric or acrylic paint with a stencil brush or sponge to paint designs onto your shower curtain.


Choose trim accessories such as ribbons, buttons, coins, rhinestones, fringe, cording, beads, glitter, or feathers for your project. Sew your design onto the curtain or use a permanent fabric or hot glue for a quicker bond.


Select various iron-on patches and/or appliqués; or create your own by downloading your favorite photo then printing onto transfer paper. Iron your design transfer onto your curtains for a really fantastic look.


Tie-dye your curtains for a funky look. Using tone on tone colors creates a sophisticated look, but you can choose the colors you want to achieve the look you want. You can use a spray-on fabric paint to create a freestyle tie-dye design or tie dye the old fashion way.

Determine the look you want for your bathroom, gather all the materials needed for your project, and create your masterpiece.