Decorating Your Yard: 5 Ideas for the Well House

Wood shed in a landscaped yard
  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-1,500

A well house is needed to protect the pipes and the water pump from the weather. A well house design can include one that just fits to accommodate everything, so that all you do is lift the top. Another option is to build it large enough to include a storage area. Here are some ways you can utilize a well house to decorate your yard.

1. If you have some left over shingles, bricks or other items from building a new residence, you can use them to build a well house so that it looks like a miniature replica of your home. You can landscape it the same way you do the front of your house.

2. You can install a window in your well house, hang some curtains and make it look like a playhouse.

3. You can add a small front porch to your well house design. This would go well with a ranch-style home that has a rustic front porch.

4. Build a well pump house the same shape as your home. For instance, if your home is A-framed, build a well house the same shape. It will accent your landscaping.

5. With a smaller well house design, build an arbor over it and plant flowers or vines that will grow to cover it.