Decorative Color Schemes for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a day filled with romance and fun. To decorate your space with a color scheme that will match the day, here are some suggestions to think about.

1 - Traditional Pink and Red

Most people think of whimsical red and pink hearts when thinking of Valentine's Day. These colors can be used to create an atmosphere for a fun party with heart-shaped cookies, in pink and red, heart-shaped cut outs displayed on the walls, and pink and red napkins, plates and balloons.

2 - Red and Black

This color scheme will give your room the feel of a black tie affair. Use red roses, and chocolate dipped strawberries for accessories to carry out this theme. Use black place mats, black cloth napkins, red foil hearts, and red and black glitter spread over the table to give the room a sophisticated, romantic ambiance.

3 - Pretty Pastels

A mixture of pastels such as pink, blue and yellow, is a dramatic way to decorate for Valentine's Day without it being too stark. Display different heart-shaped pastel colored candies and cookies around the room. Don't forget the candy hearts that say "be mine" or "true love". Drape pastel fabric over tables. Add large cut outs of hearts trimmed with lace in different pastel colors around the room, with the candy heart sayings on them.