Demo Car Racing: 7 Tips to Make Your Demo Car Go Faster

Demo car racing is a lot of fun but the demo cars are driven strictly by supervisors and managers at car dealerships. They are only driven while these people work for the car dealerships. When it comes to demo cars, they are often not well taken care of because they are driven by several different people and often are driven pretty hard. This doesn't mean you can't get great performance out of the vehicle. Here are seven simple tips to help you get the best performance and speed from your demo car.

Tip 1 - Tune Up

The first thing that you will need to get is a really good tune up. Make sure that the mechanic doing the tune up is aware that it is a demo car that they are working on. They will need to do some special work for cars that have high miles and are driven roughly. You will need to be sure to let them know also that this car is going to be used for races. They will be able to do additional work to ensure that the car is in top running condition and will make it much faster and work a lot better out on the track.

Tip 2 - Premium Gas

High octane fuel burns faster and will help your car to get more energy off of the engine. It is also good idea to apply gas additives for high mileage to your gas tank whenever you fill up. This will help to keep your demo car in top running condition for racing.

Tip 3 - Spark Plugs

You will need to get some good spark plugs installed into your car. The better the spark plugs the more spark you will get from the engine and the faster your demo car will go.

Tip 4 - Cold Air Intake

Cold air intakes will help to get your car get the maximum amount of air intake. This will help it to go much faster. With a regular air intake, air is not given as much chance to flow in the correct places. With a cold air intake it will help your car stay cool and therefore run much faster.

Tip 5 - Engine

With demo cars, the engine can easily be worn out. You may want to get an engine that is meant for a bigger car put into your demo vehicle. You will find that this extra horse power you will allow you to go much faster.

Tip 6 - Proper Maintenance

You will need to make sure that you have the proper maintenance done on your demo car in addition to all of these extras. The most important part of getting your car to run well is taking good care of it. This means regular oil changes and paying attention when your car starts to act like something is wrong. If you want your demo car to be able to race well, you are going to have to treat it well.

Tip 7 - Use Caution

Whenever you are racing any vehicle you will need to first check with your local ordinances to see where it is legal to do this. There are more than likely plenty of tracks in your area that you should be made aware of.