Denim vs Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle chaps are similar to pants, but they don't have a crotch or seat area in the material. They are designed to protect the clothing underneath the chaps and also to afford the rider additional protection from being burned by hot exhaust pipes or the engine on a motorcycle. Traditionally, motorcycle chaps have been made of leather. However, in recent years, denim motorcycle chaps have also become very popular. This article will provide you with some information that you may find useful in trying to decide on which type of motorcycle chaps to purchase.

Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Leather motorcycle chaps are the types that have been worn ever since the introduction of the motorbike. They're usually dark brown or black in color and made of very thick, durable cow or pig hide leather. Leather chaps are very strong and durable and afford a bike rider a high degree of protection against burns as well as scrapes should the rider be involved in an accident.

Since motorcycles were first introduced in the early 1900s, people have referred to them as steel horses. Because of this, riders of motorcycles adopted the use of chaps that were almost identical in design to those worn by cowboys in the old West. Since cowboys always wore chaps made of leather, it was no surprise that the riders of steel horses would also choose leather as the material of choice for motorcycle chaps.

Although leather motorcycle chaps provide a high degree of protection and are considered to be more authentic than other types of chaps, they are often uncomfortable. The heavy leather is often hot and the heat can be almost unbearable on a hot summer day. Leather motorcycle chaps are also very expensive.

Denim Motorcycle Chaps

In recent years, denim motorcycle chaps have been introduced as an alternative to thicker and more expensive leather chaps. Although denim chaps are heavy duty in their own right, the material is not nearly as thick or as heavy as the rawhide used for leather motorcycle chaps. This means that the chaps are usually more flexible and not as hot on summer days.

Although they're not as thick as leather motorcycle chaps, denim chaps do provide a bit of protection for a bike rider against hot exhaust pipes and engines. They also do a fairly good job of protecting the ankles and legs of riders in the event of an accident. Denim chaps are also considerably less expensive than the leather variety. In fact, you can often purchase a pair of denim chaps for about half the price you would pay for a pair of leather chaps.

There is, however, a downside to denim motorcycle chaps. In most cases, denim motorcycle chaps are not water resistant or waterproof. Although you can waterproof denim motorcycle chaps to a point, they will never be as resistant to water as the leather types. So, if you're wearing a pair of denim motorcycle chaps in the rain, prepare to get wet.