Denim vs Leather Motorcycle Pants

Personal preference is the main determinant in what kind of material motorcycle pants to choose from. While leather motorcycle pants cost more and look more appealing to the naked eye, no one can underestimate the comfort and cost effective power of denim motorcycle pants.

Denim Motorcycle Pants

Cortech DSX Denim Motorcycle pants not only provide comfort, but are durable. They have a double stitched construction, as well as a single button fly and a loaded main zipper closure. Fashion wise, they include perforated Brazilian leather panels that aide in protection. For the consumer who enjoys the traditional look, these motorcycle pants are a good call, with two rear pockets and one for your change, you will never have to worry about your wallet falling out while riding.

Denim motorcycle pants are made with Kevlar or another type of abrasion resistant material that prevents wear and tear from occurring. And in case of those sudden falls, they include removable CE armor for extra protection.

Another type of denim pants includes the Icon Insulated Denim Pants. These were designed for daily use in riding. They feature an outer chassis with integrated Aramid knees and hip panels with durable 14 oz denim.

Draggin Denim jeans are another type of denim that feature 100 percent Kevlar reinforcements along the knees. These are designed for everyday wear, without the padding. Even though they don't have the padding like typical motorcycle jeans, they do minimize pavement rash that can occur with low speed impacts. They also have a wide variety of sizes.

Leather Motorcycle Pants

Leather motorcycle pants are the safest type of riding pants available. They offer the best protection if you happen to be involved in a riding crash. Alpinestars V-Twin leather pants are designed for an upright riding position. They have built in stretch panels that provide a causal and comfortable fit while riding. In addition, the pant leg has a fashionable boot cut design and a waist zipper that can connect to your favorite riding leather jacket.

Another type of leather pant is the Icon Automag Leather Overpant. These overpants contain full length zippered legs and have fully adjustable CE approved new armor. In addition, these leather pants have 1.2 - 1.4 mm premium grade leather chassis, as well as full length zippered legs for easy on and off access. The relaxed fit allows for easy access over jeans.

There are many benefits in wearing leather while riding. The material of leather can sustain shocks when falling during accidents. The flexible material allows you to move about freely. In addition, leather can eliminate the affects of weather such as sunlight and rain, elements that often damage other materials.

When choosing to wear denim or leather motorcycle pants, never forget to seek out the advantages to them, besides their overall appearance. How often you ride always plays a part in what type of motorcycle pants to choose from. Choosing the right pair of pants can mean a safe, and comfortable riding experience. Would you rather pay a price for fashion, or for safety?