Design A Convertible Twin Bed Ottoman

Making a convertible twin bed ottoman is not as difficult as it sounds, especially if you purchase the basic components ready for use. For this project you will need to find a twin bed sized fold-away bed and mattress and a hollow frame ottoman that is large enough to hold the twin bed frame.

Putting a Twin Bed Ottoman Together

You will need to remove the top cushion and seat then mount the folding bed frame to the inside of the ottoman. Test the installation to make sure the bed will unfold and setup normally. Mount the ottoman seat and cushion to the base with hinges to give access to the convertible twin bed.

You can now refinish, or reupholster the ottoman to match or compliment the room décor. This twin bed ottoman is great to use for additional seating, or for a relaxing footrest.

Benefits Of A Twin Bed Ottoman

Building a twin bed ottoman will save you space. This is especially good for smaller areas that need convertible furniture. Even if you do not need to save space, you can save money by transforming somthing old into something new and useable. This might not come in handy right away, but when house guests arrive, you will be glad you converted! When your guests are not there, you are not taking up any extra space and you do not even know it’s there.

You will also have the benefit of the design being your own. Choose to match it to your decor to blend in or make it a focal piece. You will also be able to design the way you want it to fold out as well.