Design And Construct A Stone Fence

What You'll Need
Cut stone
A shovel
Protective gloves and eyewear
Hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) unit

A stone fence built on any property can not only enhance its beauty, but increase its value. Since the earliest days when humankind created settlements and homes, stone fencing has been used to contain, separate, protect and decorate. Creating a stone fence on much smaller a scale is possible for anyone who takes the time to acquire a little bit of knowledge.

Step 1 – Measurements

First determine the desired length and height for the new stone fence. Use a GPS hand-held unit and walk the line where the fence will be placed so the measurement can be calculated within inches.

Step 2 – Select the Stone

Once fence size is calculated, investigate what type of stone is available that will suit the aesthetics sought while keeping to your budget. Like fences built throughout time, your fence will most likely be constructed using locally available stone. This will help to keep you on budget since using exotic stones might be financially infeasible. The most popular stones used in fencing are limestone and granite.

Step 3 – Stone Cutting

Most landscape supply companies where fencing stone is available offer cutting services. The stones should already come in a pre-cut rough rectangular shape. Be sure to acquire stones in varying shapes to add pattern and contrast to your fence design.

Step 4 – Ground Preparation

Dig a six inch deep trench along the line where the fence will be built and fill it loosely with gravel. Select large, very flat stones to place on top of the gravel to act as the fence footer.

Step 5 – Building the Fence

Place stones one row at a time on top of the footer. One aspect to consider is to slightly slope the fence allowing for rainwater run-off.

Step 6 – Add Height

Make sure that as rows are added increasing the height of the fence to place stones in an over-lapping the joints of stones below configuration to ensure a sturdy construction. Mortar can be used between stones to add greater stability in the event a dry fence construction is not warranted. Add as many rows as necessary to attain the desired height.

Certain accents like decorative tile, symbolic medallions, planters and other accessories can be added to the design of your stone fence to add either personalization or distinct customizing so your new creation represents your own personality.