Design Ideas for Custom Wood Screen Doors

green wooden screen door with fancy carving

Wood screen doors are one of the important fixtures in your home. It serves many purposes, the most notable being to keep the wind from pounding at your front door and bugs from flying inside. Your house can reflect not just a great interior design, but you can have an equally appealing exterior design.

When you are having a custom screen door made, there are several different designs that you can choose from. However, note that some manufacturers will allow you to draw up your plan, which will help match the door to the design and style of your house.

If you use a wood screen door than one inch in thickness, you will have a basic design with no glass installed. The thicker the wood of your screen door, the more durable it is and will hold up to inclement weather. Also, if you have a wider door, you can add glass panels, which will give you more options with designing the entry you want.

Traditional Doors

Most customers choose a standard square frame. This is known as a traditional screen door and will not cost you quite as much. If you are looking for a more specific, intricate design, a little more effort and cost are expected.

Craftsman Style

If you want something that looks bold, then you would be interested in the craftsman design. These screen doors come with removable fiberglass screen inserts, which you can paint and stain with your design. These designs have a historical significance and celebrate a style and quality when artisans and artists brought creativity to every object they produced. It gives your entrance a truly hand-crafted look.

Victorian Finish

While it won't hold up to a heavy storm, a Victorian-style door is a great choice. These are normally great designs reminiscent of the Victorian era. Some plans are more fragile than others, so be careful with them while installing and using them. They may also require more maintenance.

Pet Passage Doors

Many Craftsman and Victorian-style doors are enhanced with a pet passage door at the bottom, allowing easy access for your animals to come and go as needed. Traditionally plastic flaps have been used, but when custom making your wood screen doors, you can add a wooded flap that blends into the design of the door.

Double Doors

For a scarce and unique look, you can choose to have double-screen doors made for you to match your main double doors. This is incredibly doable if you have doors that open into the room, the screen doors will swing outward. These doors can be painted with any design to add a little elegance to your front entrance or can be left plain to leave a more traditional look.

Unique Design

If you are an experienced woodworker, you could create the wooden screen door by yourself and choose any design you want. This will take considerably more time, but you have to consider that you are getting the screen door of your choice, and it will truly reflect your personality. Craftsman, Victorian, Double, there are many choices, and you must choose one that fits the style of your home.