Design the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Sink

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There are a wide variety of different considerations to make when it comes to renovating and remodeling your bathroom. An important consideration is how to design a bathroom vanity sink. Here are some tips to designing the perfect bathroom vanity sink.

Determining Your Needs

There are a number of important things that you are going to need to bear in mind. For example, the widths that you will find from a single bathroom vanity sink to the next will vary significantly. Increments for bathroom vanity sinks typically climb by 6-inches.

Also consider the materials. Most bathroom vanity sinks are made from wood or synthetic materials. The material you choose depends heavily your overall bathroom design.

Types of Vanities

There are 4 different types of bathroom vanities and vanity cabinets. The simplest and easiest to install is a simple wall-mounted. Units with shelves are another choice, as are styles that fit directly over the toilet. Finally, some vanities come with cabinets that fit directly beneath your sink. They include models with freestanding cabinets.

Framed and Frameless

The faces of bathroom vanity sinks can also be framed or frameless. The face-frame version is more formal and traditional, with hidden hinges. Frameless vanities are more modern.

When you want to improve the way your bathroom looks, consider your options for finding the perfect bathroom vanity sink.