Design Tips for Using Decorative Bowls in the Living Room

Decorative bowls can be a great accessory in the living room. They can be used for several purposes. Here are a few tips to help you decide on how to use your bowls.

1 - Illuminate with Candles

A great way to enjoy your decorative bowls in the evenings while relaxing, or when having company over, place a pillar candle in the bowl. Use pillar candles if you want them to last through the evening. If you don't want to worry with removing the wax from your bowl when the candle is used up, set a jar candle or votive candle in a votive holder inside of the bowl.

2 - Decorating with Large Bowls

A large decorative bowl is a great accessory for fireplace mantels, or any area that needs some punch. Filling your bowl with dried or silk flowers gives an instant lift to a drab corner. Large bowls can also be placed on the floor beside a table or entertainment center.

3 - Decorating with Small Bowls

If you have small decorative bowls, these can be grouped together as one display. They can be set on a tray in varying heights to form a vignette. A couple of areas where this would work well, are on a sofa table or on a coffee table.

4 - The Ultimate Snack Bowl

To make your evening a little festive on movie or game night, use your decorative bowls for snacks. Line the bowl with paper towels, if it is not glass, so there isn't any stain left in your bowl. Fill with popcorn, or your favorite chips.

5 - A Beautiful Planter

You can place a potted plant in your decorative bowl by placing a plant that is already potted in it. Place container and all inside. Once a week, take the plant out and take it to the kitchen for watering. Allow it to drain, and place back in the bowl. Consider mixing vining plants in the container with other plants for added interest.

6 - A Spot For Belongings

If you are always losing your keys, placing them in one of your decorative bowls will assure that you know where they are when you are headed out the door. Your bowls can also be used for storing small items in your living room like reading glasses and remotes.

7 - Stones and Shells

If you want to add something fuss free to your decorative bowls, you can fill them with stones or glass rocks. You can find them any color you would like and can mix or match. Now, you can even purchase scented glass rocks that will fill your room with the aroma of your choice. Then again, if you have a great seashell collection, this would be a great way to display it too.

8 - Scented Sachets

You can make or buy sachets to place in your bowls. Make sure they are small enough to add several. It will make it easier to add essential oil to them later when their scent dissipates. If you are making your own, cut out squares with pinking shears, whip stitch together and stuff with potpourri. You may add ribbon or other adornment, if desired.