Designing a Cute Cottage Garden

The best thing about a cottage garden is that there is no standard design pattern to follow. A cottage garden is exuberant, free-flowing and pretty much unrestrained. The following article will show you how to create a cottage garden that is beautiful to look at nearly hands off to maintain.

Avoid Over-Design

To stick within the cottage garden theme, do not over-think the garden design. You want to go with something informal so do not follow conventional thinking that your plants need to be in straight rows or placed within a defined pattern. Let your plants hang over walkways and weave through each other. Using self-seeding plants will also add to your cottage gardens as plants will pop up where you least expect them to.

Old-Fashioned is In

The idea behind the cottage garden is that old is new, so don't be constrained by contemporary designs. Your cottage garden should not focus on what is currently hot in the gardening world but on what is traditional, what did your grandmother like and so on. Some ideas to start with are: cosmos, snapdragon, columbine, hollyhock and bleeding heart.

Comfortable Furnishings

Gardens are meant to be enjoyed and more so a cottage garden. Avoid purchasing furniture that is too new. There is no need to head out to the giant furniture store to purchase expensive lounge seats. You want comfortable not contemporary. Adirondack chairs, wicker furniture or painted metal shellback chairs. Do not worry about matching the furniture because it is eclectic and informal through and through.

Romance is in the Air

The cottage garden is a romantic destination where there are worries or problems. Bring this across with the right flowers. Choose ones that produce flowers in shades of soft pastel and that produce many petals. Peonies and roses for instance make great flowers for the cottage garden. Many of the flowers you would choose are also very fragrant.

Materials with Character

One popular interior design is known as "country". This design is all about homemade decorations and things that look used or weathered. Think along these lines when placing fences, gates and arbors in your cottage garden.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Using this movie cliche as an guide for building your pathways. Avoid straight pathways that are too clean. Cobblestone or flagstones paths that twist and turn allow you to walk around your garden and not simply through it.

Antique Accessories

Old is new in the cottage garden. Look for accent pieces like old metal milk jugs and worn wheelbarrows. Perhaps a wishing well made from wood that has been left in the elements. Dents, peeling paint and worn wood are all proper decor.

Recycle and Re-Purpose

Don't afraid to use old watering cans as planters or a trowel as a gate handle. These unexpected little additions add a lot to the appeal of the cottage garden.

White Picket Fence

This represents the dreams of many people. A cottage garden and a white picket fence, even if just a section, work together beautifully.