Designing a Quaint Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook.

A breakfast nook positioned cozily off of your kitchen enhances both that room and the rest of the house. Breakfast nooks are coming back into style as more homebuilders and homeowners recognize the value and comfort they add to a kitchen.


Breakfast nook plans encompass everything from a complete remodel of your kitchen to simple redecorating. If your kitchen has an enclave designed for a nook or an open space that can extend into your kitchen, there are some basic ideas that can go a long way towards designing a beautiful nook.

Light and Color

First, you want the area to be well lit and painted with warm colors. Ample window area adds light to the nook just as window treatments add character. If you are incorporating an open area, a change in floor type or color helps it stand out from the rest of the kitchen.


Your furniture options are many, but for open areas a table with regular chairs is a nice fit, whereas benches go well in enclaves. Lastly, consider what you look out to when seated in the nook. Your own backyard garden is certainly preferable to your neighbor’s driveway, for whatever is in view becomes, in a way, a part of the nook.