Designing An Accent Wall

Consider spicing up a room by creating an accent wall. This is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. By taking this one wall and making it unique, the entire room and home can be transformed.

There are a variety of ways to bring about this transformation, from paint and texture to wall relief and furniture.

Start with a Plan

It's always best to think through what you want to do. Spend some time looking at pictures in home magazines or even your friends' walls and write down the features that you found desirable. There will be colors you like, as well as textures, furniture and shelving. Form the plan that is right for you by matching the styles you like up with your space. 

Adding Color

This is the first step to an accent wall. Since there are so many colors to choose from, it's best to decide if you want to go lighter or darker. You can also decide if you want that color to cover the entire wall or to break it up a bit with a contrasting color or a wainscot.

Another idea is to add color to a portion of two walls that equals the area of one. By thinking of the ceiling as the fifth wall in the room, you can add color there that will create a cozy feel to your room.      

Adding Designs

There are a number of stencils that can be placed on the wall and painted over. You can also create your own design stencils to personalize.

Add a design in the corners of the wall, or perhaps a rolling design that would function like a chair rail. If you're really feeling ambitious, you might try to duplicate a design of a famous artist, like M.C. Escher.

Adding Features

Now that your accent wall is painted, add some relief to make it even more unique. Consider a variety of materials.

An old picture frame hung on the wall with no picture can become an interesting focal point. You may want to paint something within the frame directly on the wall. An antique door mounted on the wall can also provide an interesting feature.

There are also a number of shelving options that can easily be attached to the wall to display your favorite books and decorative trinkets.

Accent Furniture

What you place in front of your new accent wall is as important as the paint. If you have created a comfortable and cozy wall, a nice wingback chair with a good reading lamp would complete the look. A low bookshelf in front of the wall is another option.

Whatever you decide on—whether a coffee table, a leaning mirror or a tapestry—you will have an accent wall that is uniquely you.