Designing An Art Deco Kitchen

Art deco kitchen designing isn’t hard. Art deco is big on minimalist concepts and clean, sleek lines. This can translate into a clean looking kitchen with eye popping design elements. Here’s how you can achieve your own art deco design.

Linoleum was very popular in deco kitchens. More people have gotten away from linoleum, but in a deco kitchen it makes perfect sense. You can find interesting geometric patterns in linoleum and the flooring is generally much cheaper than other types of floors.

Cabinet Design
Choose cabinets that are very simple with simple hardware. The sleeker the cabinet, the better the design will be. The cabinets should have a simple color and paint job. You may be able to use the cabinets you already have as long as they aren’t really ornate.

Tile Elements
Use lots of interesting colors and patterns with tile. You can get plain tile and paint it, or just get several different patterns with bright colors and add a small backsplash. Deco designs will use a few small elements of bright colors to make it more interesting.

An art deco kitchen isn’t expensive to design. Most often you can use what you already have and just add a few additional elements. It will make your kitchen look bright and clean and will be enjoyable for a long time.