Designing an Indoor Hot Tub Room

Most people prefer to purchase an indoor hot tub to increase their privacy and so that they can be able to make use of the hot tub through out the whole year. But you should keep in mind a few things before you decide to buy a hot tub and install it inside a room at your house.

Choosing the Right Room

The first decision you need to make is which is the ideal room to install your indoor hot tub in. If you do not have a room that is suitable, you can remodel it while keeping in mind that the room should be resistant to both moisture and humidity.

Moisture is caused by the people constantly entering and coming out of the hot tub, whilst on the other hand, humidity is caused by the steam of the hot water. For this reason, carpet-fitted rooms are not suitable to hold an indoor hot tub. Many people decide to install the hot tub either in a closed porch or in the basement of their residence.

Checking the Floor

Apart from the room, you have to also check also whether the floor is strong enough to hold the full weight of the hot tub. To do this, you may need to call a contractor or structural engineer to come and take a look. If your room is on a ground floor, do not take it for granted that the floor will definitely be strong enough to hold the hot tub, it is not always the case. There may be a crawl space under the floor that you do not even know about, and if you install the hot tub, the floor may collapse.

Deciding on the Right Size

The room must be large enough to accommodate the size of the hot tub, dimensions of which should be decided upon according to the number of people expected to use it simultaneously. Smaller tubs can accommodate up to four people while larger tubs can hold a maximum of eight people. If you have some more space left, you can use it to store towels and other accessories, or you can use an adjacent room for storage.

Transferring the Hot Tub into the Room

You must keep in mind another very important factor when transforming an ordinary room into an indoor hot tub room. You must think of a way to transfer the hot tub into the room. This can be a great problem because most hot tubs are too large to pass through standard doorways.

Windows and Doors

You can choose to have either a series of windows along the entire wall, or else, you can decide to equip your indoor hot tub room with sliding windows instead. Windows built along the entire wall allow a lot of sunlight to enter the room and it is an excellent idea if the hot tub room is facing a garden. However, in case the room is facing the street, you are recommended to install a series of sliding windows or doors and then design or paint the remaining space on the wall according to your likings. Ideally, frosted glass is used in this case to retain your privacy.

In today’s age and time, indoor hot water tubs have gone from being a luxury to a necessity. We hear of many health benefits related to hot water tubs and they make a crucial part in distressing us from our everyday tensions.