Designing And Building A Stylish Room Divider

An appropriate room divider can sometimes be difficult to find, so that is why it may be a good idea to make one yourself. Room dividers are great because they can separate a certain part of a room for a particular activity when needed. Making your own divider may seem tricky, but it doesn't have to be. There are many different ways you can create one to fit your home sufficiently.

Frame it: 3 Ways

You can make a divider by creating a frame out of wood, metal or any material that you choose. All you need to do is make 3 separate large rectangles and hinge the frames together. Once that is finished you can fill in the frames with fabric, bamboo or any other decor that you would like.

Wooded Frame

Go to your local hardware store and ask them to make a large wooden frame (the size will vary on how large you need it). Once they have made the frame you need to put feet on the frame so that it will be able to stand alone. Ask someone in the store for ideas and help. Once that is finished you can decorate the frame anyway you want. Not only can you use fabric but you can use stained glass or tissue paper to give it a softer,more elegant look.

Canvas Art

Take three large canvases that can be found any any craft or art store, and hinge them together. You can pant them any color that matches your house or paint any kind of picture on it.

Use a Curtain

If you want your divider to be a little more permanent, you can place a sliding rod on the ceiling and run either a curtain or sheer fabric along it. This will allow you to be able to open and close the divider by pulling the curtain.

Beaded Fun

Do you remember those beads you use to hang up in your doorway or closet when you were a kid? Well you can still do that now, but with a little classier look. There are many fancy (non plastic) beads that can be hung on a ceiling that will look fantastic and will also provide the room with an appropriate room divider.

Use What You Have

If you do not want to get too creative with your dividers, why not use what you already have in the house? If you need to divide a space up, use a large piece of furniture such as a couch or a bookcase. These items are large enough to divide one end of a room from another and you do not have to purchase any other tools or supplies.

There are plenty of ways you can create a room divider and you can find one that will fit your room and your budget. Figure out what works best for your needs and be as creative as you possibly can. Decorating your home should be fun, and so should making a divider. Make a divider that really shows off your personality and matches the theme to your home to ensure that you will really like it and not think of it as the bulky object in the middle of your room.