Designing a Bathroom for the Boys

If the boys are lucky enough to have their own bathroom, it can be a fun space to decorate.  There are a variety of themes that can carry throughout the room to give it personality.  The age of the boys plays a big factor in what type of decor is used and the theme that is chosen.  Take into account the boys' opinions, as well, to make designing a bathroom for the boys an enjoyable task.

Young Boys

If the boys are young, or below ten, there are many youth oriented themes available.  One of the cutest boy themes is that of the frog.  Whimsical, cartoon frog bathroom accessories are always popular and can be found at most large bed and bath stores.  Everything from the shower curtain, to the shower curtain hooks, to the floor mat to the toothbrush holder can be coordinated with the theme to really make it jump.  If frogs are not appealing, choose barnyard or zoo animals for an alternate theme.  A giraffe painted on the wall to peer over the mirror or a sheep peeking out from behind the bathroom sink, are great ways to incorporate animal into the space.  Look to the boys, as well, to find out what they are interested in when selecting a decorating theme.

The Tweens

Tweens, both male and female, are especially challenging to decorate for.  Caught in those awkward years between being a young child and a teenager, tweens are often trying to figure out who they are.  It is important to ask tween boys what they would like to have in their bathroom.  This gives them the reassurance that their opinion matters and they are more likely to then respect the bathroom space.  Some ideas for a tween bathroom include sports of all kinds and race cars.  Paint the bathroom in a football theme or to look like a baseball stadium for the ultimate sports effect.  

Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can handle more sophisticated bathroom decor and will probably not want a juvenile theme, or even that of a favorite sport.  Instead, choose a look that is modern and contemporary, but that will last years after the boys have gone to college.  Paint the walls a dark grey and accent them with chrome towel bars, toothbrush holders, and lighting.  Or paint them midnight blue and accent the space with brilliant white or chocolate brown accessories to complete the space.  Asking the teenagers what they want in the bathroom will probably make it possible to enlist their help in creating it, and will help bridge that communication gap so common in teenage-parent relationships.

When designing a bathroom for the boys, the key, ultimately, is to ask the boys what they want their bathroom to look and feel like.  No matter how perfect the space may seem, if the boys have had no input into how the room looks, it will probably not be their ideal space.  Decorating a boy’s bathroom does not have to be an expensive endeavor; just shop around and stick to a firm budget. 

Jessica Ackerman of, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use tree wall art hanging and outdoor metal wall art.