Designing Custom Glass Shower Doors

glass shower doors

Remodeling or adding on a bathroom in your home can be a fun and creative endeavor. Designing custom glass shower doors can definitely be a part of that. Read this article for advice on designing a custom shower door.

Custom Shower Doors Defined

A custom shower door is a shower door or set of doors that you create with a glass designer. You can find someone to create the design with you at a specialty glass shop or home improvement store. You usually cannot find this type of specialty help at hardware stores.


This is where you get to be creative and have fun. Peruse home decorating magazines and websites to get ideas. Decide whether you like sliding glass shower doors, corner shower glass doors, or full length shower enclosure. You also need to think about the type of design. Another design feature is frosted shower glass. It is a great option if privacy is a concer or if the design you choose is etched.


As you are looking at designs, you will need to consider the configurations of the space. The walls must be strong enough to support a full length glass shower door if that is what you want. You also need to think about the ventilation of the room and the measurements. There is a wide variance of sizes available, and the proper ventilation system needs to installed.


Your budget impacts your design options, so choose carefully in order to stay within your allotted funds. Remember that any enclosure that is not plumb, level, or standard in length will raise the cost of the materials and installation.

Other Considerations

Make sure that the shower door is made of tempered glass to prevent large, sharp pieces if it ever breaks. Installing the shower door yourself is a challenging option, although you will need help.